Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Seminar issues in hospital Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Seminar issues in hospital - Case Study Example A human resource unit must develop the skills and potential of an organization. Recent research indicates that career development and a challenging work environment is a priority for most employees (Griffin, 2015). They must create individual development plans for every position in the organization. In addition, this development needs evaluation and measurement to identify the satisfaction level of its workforce. The organization can use some devices to reduce the workforce. Succession planning is essential to ensure that the remaining employees can comfortably handle the remaining work. A voluntary exit incentive program is a useful device to ensure a smooth transition of laid-off employees out of the organization (Hopeman, 2003). Two years is a long enough period to ensure that the program is successful in an organization. Another device is the use of a forced ranking system, in which the abilities of the workforce are ranked according to their skills, and other factors such as length of stay in the organization, and performance (Hopeman, 2003). The human resource department is the most suited unit to implement the two devices in a fair manner. A voluntary exit incentive program is cheaper than a forced ranking system. A forced ranking system is a complex process that involves observation, collection, and analysis of

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