Monday, January 6, 2020

Night Essence of Nature a Poem Compossed by Louise Bogan...

What is the significance of an individual’s essence within the vast universe? Surrounded in an environment where all life resides do humans play the role of hegemony? Each human is unique, separated by interactions and relationships compiled throughout the journey of life. But, no matter how these experiences could shape an individual, the most basic pillars of life will always endure. All humans share land on this planet, breathe the same air, and are equally mortal. Composed by Louise Bogan, the role of humanity is put into perspective in the poem, â€Å"Night.† The speaker emphasizes nature’s immense presence in the universe. As the plot of â€Å"Night† develops, the interconnected relationships found in nature are revealed, using imagery to show†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"Where what breathes, breathes / and what drinks, drinks,† the persona says (3,5). Natures relationships depicted in the first stanza are beautiful. At first, something as simple as the â€Å"islands† may seem unimportant (1). Once analyzed, its purposed is defined by providing a warm home for life to sustain. Without the â€Å"restless wind† and â€Å"incoming tide,† the animals could not sustain (4,6). Everything in the universe is interconnected. As the poem continues into the second and third stanza the persona uses imagery as a tool to express natures power. From the water to the sky, Bogan’s poem describes how nature will continue to outlast humanity, thriving under a repeated cycle of life. Compared to the conditions described in â€Å"Night,† all human endeavors are naturalized. Line seven and eight explains, â€Å"shell and weed / wait upon the salt wash of the sea.† Long before the story of Adam and Eve, nature represented a powerful force of life and sustainment. Over thousands of years of tides, the â€Å"shell and weed† described by the auditor, are conditioned to expect resources from exterior conditions (7). Systematically, the universe provides nature will all conditions necessary for survival. A miracle. Even the â€Å"stars† located in outer space have a role as they swing their lights westward / to set behind the land†, the speaker suggests (9-11). Using imagery, the au ditor is able to understand the universe attains limits much greater then humanity. Thomas Edison is credited

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